Are Gaiam Yoga Mats Worth It? (A Buyer’s Guide)

There are many different reviews online, and a common question is, “Are Gaiam yoga mats worth it?”

gaiam yoga mat

The short answer is yes, but not by much.

This high-quality yoga mat is a great option for people who practice hot yoga or have a sweaty palms problem.

However, some customers have complained that the mat’s topcoat is prone to bubbling or wearing away, especially when humidity and heat are involved.

Thankfully, this is a minor complaint and the Gaiam company offers a lifetime guarantee.

And, if you do get a defective mat, they will replace it for free. And their customer service is excellent, so it is certainly worthwhile to give them a try.

The Gaiam Performance Dry-Grip Yoga Mat is one of the top yoga mats available. It is durable and non-slip, so you won’t need to worry about slipping or falling when practicing yoga.

It’s also a favorite of beginner users, as it’s the right length for keeping your hands and feet in place during a sweaty class.

Whether you’re new to the sport or you’re looking for a replacement, the Gaiam mat is worth its price.

Chakra Print Yoga Mat

Another popular Gaiam mat is the Chakra Print Yoga Mat. This model has mandalas on it, which represent the seeds of the seven chakras.

The colors are true to the chakra system. It feels authentic, which gives you a connection to the deeper purpose of yoga. Using the Gaiam Chakra Print Yoga Mat will keep you reminded of the reason you practice the pose.

Gaiam Mats are Non-Slip

The Gaiam Mat has a lifetime warranty and non-slip surfaces. It’s made of recycled materials, which is good news for those who practice yoga outside their home.

This lightweight mat also allows for easy transportation, which is essential for those who practice outside the home.

This mat is also ideal for people who want to practice yoga while traveling. This lightweight version is also great for practicing yoga in the city, such as commuters.

The Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat is one of the most popular Gaiam products. This mat is both smooth and grippy and feels more sustainable than rubber. It’s also perfect for hot yoga, as it doesn’t need to be cleaned after a sweaty class.

A Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat is a great choice for the price. Aside from that, you can also find other eco-friendly products from Gaiam.

The Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat has over 400 five-star reviews. A cork yoga mat is a popular option for yoga beginners.

Its surface is smooth and grippy, and it doesn’t sweat easily, making it ideal for hot yoga.

Unlike rubber, it is environmentally friendly and also resistant to odors. When choosing a yoga mat, it’s best to buy one that’s breathable and doesn’t have any latex or phthalates.

How Long Do Gaiam Yoga Mats Last?

The first thing you need to do when you purchase a new yoga mat is to let it air out completely before using it.

It may have a small odor when it’s still wrapped in its packaging, but it is harmless and won’t damage your mat.

The next thing you need to do is to use it on a floor that is free of stains or moisture. This will prevent the mat from getting slippery, especially if you sweat while practicing.

Once you’ve bought your new yoga mat, you should take care of it. Gaiam offers a lifetime warranty to its original purchaser. It’s only applicable to Gaiam yoga mats purchased in the United States.

This warranty is the best in the industry. During the first five years, it’ll last for up to 50,000 uses. Afterward, you’ll just have to replace it with a new one.

Choosing a new Gaiam yoga mat can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. The company’s lifetime guarantee is applicable to the original purchaser for the entire life of the yoga mat.

It covers damage or defects caused by improper installation, defects in workmanship, and materials used in manufacturing.

In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty only covers Gaiam yoga mats. So, the only way to ensure that your new Gaiam mat will be a safe investment is to check the warranty. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return it or get a replacement.

In addition to the lifetime guarantee, Gaiam offers a wide range of additional benefits to its customers. The company also provides yoga accessories and sponsors some of the most popular yogis.

These sponsorships ensure that you’re getting the best product available on the market. The company’s 68″ Yoga Essentials(r) Yoga Mat and Rodney Yee’s DVD kit are two examples of these premium products.

In addition to lifetime warranties, Gaiam offers a lifetime guarantee for all of their mats. It also offers free lifetime warranty service on defects that are caused by the manufacturer.

In case your Gaiam mat breaks, you’re covered under the lifetime guarantee. The warranty applies only to new, unopened, and undamaged products. The company’s policy is not limited to a particular brand or model.

The premium Gaiam yoga mat is made from high-quality material and is made from rubber-free PVC.

This type of yoga mat is also 6 millimeters thick and is great for cushioning. Its patented technology makes it easy to clean.

It is highly durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. If you don’t find your Gaiam mats to be of good quality, you’ll have no problems with your purchases.

Is Gaiam Yoga Mat Safe?

When it comes to yoga mats, a large issue is the safety of the materials used. For example, a Gaiam yoga mat uses a layer of PER foam, which has a firm density and decent cushioning, and a jute top layer.

Although a thick yoga pad might seem too thick for your needs, it is actually more comfortable and will give you a more comfortable connection to the floor.

While most commercial yoga mats are made from PVC, the Gaiam mat is made from all-natural rubber and jute fiber.

This means that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Unlike PVC, it won’t have a strange smell and won’t fade over time. Some yoga mats contain toxic materials such as dioxin, which is known to be carcinogenic.

The Gaiam yoga mat is made of all-natural materials, which makes it a great choice for people with a conscience.

It is made in Taiwan and China. This lowers shipping costs but raises questions about human trafficking and fair trade.

Additionally, PVC is toxic, which makes it difficult to recycle and dispose of. It can also affect the air quality of a local environment and affects humans and plants.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your Gaiam yoga mat, you should check the ingredients list. Commercially produced yoga mats contain plastic, which is not biodegradable and is not recyclable.

In addition, Gaiam is committed to environmentally friendly products and uses PVC-free materials. You should check the product’s label and read the label to ensure that you’re getting a healthy and safe mat.

What Makes the Gaiam Yoga Mat Safe? 

The Gaiam yoga mat is made from eco-friendly materials. You should check the material of the mat to see if it’s made from recycled PVC. If it doesn’t, you can find eco-friendly alternatives.

Most commercial yoga mats are made in Taiwan or China, which cuts shipping costs and raises concerns about human trafficking and unfair trade. This also reduces the quality of the air in the factory.

The company aims to keep its yoga mats as natural as possible. However, there are some disadvantages to using non-eco-friendly yoga mats.

The Gaiam yoga mat is made of natural jute fiber and rubber. Compared to other options, it feels more solid and is more durable.

While it does not have a warranty, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee. While many consumers have good things to say about the Gaiam brand, the company may have a few drawbacks.


The Gaiam yoga mat is made of natural rubber and is available in three different sizes.

The mat is available in two different thicknesses, which can help you choose the perfect mat for your needs.

You can choose a 68-inch mat or a 72-inch mat to match your desired height.

If you’re concerned about the safety of a Gaiam yoga mat, there are other options you can consider.