Do prAna Leggings Run Small? what you should know

Yes, prAna leggings run small due to the quantity of shrinking is determined by the fiber type. Learn how to shrink clothes properly without causing damage to the fabric. 

It may be difficult to shrink exercise prAna leggings unless they have a combination of cotton and spandex. Even if it does, they won’t decrease significantly. 

After washing, the prAna leggings shrink.

If you choose a size that fits you snugly, keep in mind that these prAna leggings will shrink somewhat after each machine wash. As a result, they may appear a bit too tight or short at first, but the cloth generally loosens back to its normal state fairly quickly.

Make sure your washing machine is not set at a high temperature to avoid this uncomfortable consequence. 

These prAna leggings are designed to be washed in cold water. Also, it’s better to avoid using a dryer – your Prana leggings should always be fine if you let them air dry. 


Do Workout prAna Leggings Shrink After Wearing Them?

Athleisure clothing is generally made of high-performance materials that will wear down or distort over time if not properly cared for. “Will they shrink?” is a question you could have while buying new prAna leggings. This is determined by two factors: the textiles used in your prAna leggings and how you care for them. 

If you usually put all of your clothes in the dryer, your prAna leggings will most certainly shrink. This is especially true if your prAna leggings are constructed of compression materials. 

Proper maintenance procedures, on the other hand, may easily avoid shrinking and extend the life of your new prAna leggings and other training clothing. For Sportswear leggings and other items, as well as any other specific exercise clothes you may own, follow this advice.

Cold Water Washing

prAna leggings are created with a combination of materials, such as spandex and polyester, to give them a sculpted look while providing outstanding compression and comfort. 

They can easily warp in the wash if washed on a standard or heavy-duty cycle because they’re high-quality performance fabrics. 

You should wash your leggings in cold water on the delicate cycle, using a delicate fabric bag. 

Now is the time to get one if you don’t already have one. The materials will not stretch as much in the washing if you use a mesh bag. 

Using hot water to remove bacteria and smells from your training clothes may seem like a good idea, but it may harm the materials. Coldwater is not only better for your prAna leggings, but it is also better for the environment than hot water.

Make it a practice to keep your training clothes separate from the rest of your laundry. Leggings, sports bras, shirts, and other performance clothing may all be washed together this way.

Don’t Dry in the Machine

prAna leggings, as well as other forms of apparel, can be damaged by machine drying. You’ve undoubtedly had the misfortune of drying a beloved shirt only to discover that it’s far too tight to wear comfortably. 

Leggings might be affected in the same way. The extreme heat wreaks havoc on the trousers’ quick-drying materials, causing them to shrink. It can also take away your prAna leggings’ high-tech characteristics, such as moisture-wicking capabilities and stylish compression.

Leggings should be air-dried exclusively as a general rule. This isn’t to suggest that you should hang them! Instead, put them flat in a dry, dim area away from direct sunshine to allow them to dry undisturbed. The sun’s heat may cause your prAna leggings to dry too rapidly, causing the fabric to shrink. 

Do the same with any other workout clothes you have that are made of comparable fibers. This will extend the life of the shoes and keep them fit, making the purchase even more beneficial.

You may find yourself in a position where you just do not have time to air dry your prAna leggings. In this scenario, we recommend using the dryer for only a few minutes. 

Set the temperature to low and let the cycle run for 5 minutes.

Keep an eye on them and don’t let the dryer run for more than 15 minutes at a time. The cloth should be largely dry within 5 minutes. 


Depending on the material, here’s how to shrink prAna leggings.


When it comes to fashion disasters, having your beloved prAna leggings become sagging rather than skintight is right up there with breaking the heel off your go-to heels. 

However, unlike the latter calamities, saggy knees may be avoided with a simple method… 

Yes, we’re going to uncover the secret of shrinking prAna leggings used by fashionistas.

Heat and understanding how to apply it appropriately to tighten up the fibers of your prAna leggings without destroying them is the key here. Go on to learn how to shrink anything from your favorite yoga pants to that daring pair of split-hem leggings you lived in this winter with the use of heat, so read on and tighten up. 

Leggings For Workout

Because of the stress, they’re placed under when you progress from downward dog to SoulCycle, it’s probable that the prAna leggings you wear to the gym will wear out first. 

Check the material of your leggings before attempting to shrink them. 

Nylon, spandex, and polyester mixes are the simplest to reshape, but Lycra is the most difficult to reshape—so these tricks won’t help you salvage your Lululemons. 

prAna leggings are available in a variety of fabrics. Nylon, spandex, cotton, and polyester mixes are the most prevalent. 

The majority of the techniques listed below may be applied to any material, including wool. All of these tips work exceptionally well with cotton-spandex or polyester blend leggings.



To shape nylon leggings, use the hottest setting on your washing machine. Make sure you add a little ammonia to the water to prevent your leggings from fading due to the warmth.

The next step is to dry your leggings. You don’t want your dryer to become too hot, unlike your washing machine. Make sure your dryer is set to tumble dry for half an hour on medium heat. Even if your leggings are still damp, leaving them on for more than half an hour might harm the fabric.

Finally, dry them totally flat on a level surface. It will dry faster and the cloth will not wrinkle if you keep it totally flat. 



If your leggings are composed of spandex, you should wash them on a high-heat, low-water cycle. Your leggings may become tangled if you don’t use low water, preventing them from shrinking correctly. 

You may boil water and soak one pair at a time instead of using a washing machine. This will prevent them from becoming tangled in the wash, but it will take a little longer.

Tumble-drying spandex leggings for an extended period of time might harm the fabric. When you’re attempting to shrink your leggings to avoid stretching, though, a quick 10-minute tumble dry session is recommended. 

Polyester and Cotton


You may also use a high-heat wash cycle and a medium-heat drying cycle for cotton and polyester blend leggings. It’s fine to leave these items in the dryer for longer lengths of time. It’s recommended to try them on every 15 minutes until they’re comfortable.



This material, unfortunately, will not shrink. Leggings from Lululemon, for example, are frequently composed of lycra and nylon mixes. If you need these leggings to be smaller, you’ll need to get them altered at a dry cleaner or tailor. 

Leggings In Style

Your everyday leggings are most likely made of a cotton-spandex or polyester blend, which means they should respond to virtually all of the previous methods. 

Even more expensive fabrics like wool will shrink beautifully, allowing you to wear the style you splurged on as much as you’d want.

Rinse and repeat as needed

Cotton and polyester leggings may be washed using the same procedures as described above. 

Both fabrics should be OK in the dryer for long periods of time, but if you’re concerned about damage, take them out every 15 minutes or so and try them on until you get the ideal fit. 



Most leggings will shrink when ironed if you don’t have time to perform a full wash and dry cycle. 

The secret is to cover your leggings with a protective fabric (a thin sheet should suffice) and avoid using the steam setting. Instead, spray your leggings with water and dry them with the iron’s heat, which will encourage shrinkage.

Use the blow dryer

If the prAna leggings you’re intending to wear today are a little baggy, use your trusty blow-dryer to shrink them back up. 

Simply put them on a clothesline, turn on the blow dryer to the highest setting, and watch as any patches of bagginess shrink. 

Other Leggings-Shrinking Methods

If you don’t have time to machine wash your leggings, you may shrink them by ironing them. Before you start ironing, spritz the leggings with a little water. When ironing your leggings, avoid using steam settings and ironing directly on the leggings. Place a thin sheet between the iron and the material instead.

You may also use a blow dryer in addition to iron. Simply hang your prAna leggings on a hanger and blow-dry the bagginess out of the material using your hairdryer set to the highest setting. 


Final thoughts

We’ve spoken about how prAna leggings can shrink depending on how they’re cared for. They will shrink if you use hot water. Stretching them physically and then cleaning them in cold water can help them stretch.