Are Flared Yoga Pants in Style? (What You Should Know)

Yes, I do think flared yoga pants are in style. When you feel good, you look good and that is what a lot of women want these days. Yoga pants make a woman feel at ease because they are nice and stretchy while still looking fresh and not too tight to the skin.

If you go to any mall nowadays, chances are there will be a store dedicated to selling yoga pants or some kind of similar athletic garments for women. This goes to show how common they have gotten over the years. In fact, I would say it is almost impossible not to find them anywhere anymore because they sell everything from extremely cheap ones available in stores like Forever 21 all the way up to very expensive specialty brands sold only online.

Yoga pants are usually made out of cotton or polyester with a decent mixture of spandex that makes them stretchy and tight-fitting at the same time. They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes to fit every woman’s goals in life. Some women like to wear flashy yoga pants with bright colors while some prefer dark gray or black plain looking ones. I guess it is all up to your preference but they are definitely in style right now.


Benefits of flared yoga pants

The benefits of wearing flared yoga pants, from their unique elastic waistband to the stylish drop-crotch, are unique and sought after by yogis all around the world. In this article, we will give a brief synopsis on each of the many benefits of these flared yoga pants.

The Elastic Waistband Benefits

As an experienced yogi knows, a good pair of pants is only as good as its ability to stay in place during an entire session. The comfort provided by a low-rise stretchy waistband is irreplaceable for staying comfortable during any yoga practice. An elastic waistband repels unnecessary sweat, leaving your legs feeling fresh and allowing you to focus on getting into those difficult poses.

Flared Yoga Pants and Drop Crotch Benefits


A flared waistband on yoga pants is made to drape loosely around your hips, giving the appearance of being saggy. This loose fit makes it perfect for creating space between your legs during an intense session. Additionally, drop crotches are constructed with a specific dip in the crotch area that allows your legs to have yet another small separation while allowing maximum airflow, making this feature best for hot yoga sessions where sweat can easily accumulate.

With benefits like these, it’s hard not to see why flared yoga pants are becoming more and more popular each day! From its unique styling options to its unparalleled ability to be worn during any type of yoga practice, make sure you check out your nearest yoga apparel store to find your next pair of flared yoga pants.

The Most Popular Styles of Flare Yoga Pants

When you shop for flare yoga pants, there are three main types that you will come across: bootcut, tapered and flared. Bootcut style pants have a smooth flow from the bottom of the waistline down. These are great if you plan on wearing them with shoes because then your legs won’t look too thin or too thick in those areas. 

Tapered bottoms sit below or above the hips depending on how tight or loose they are. They also do a good job at keeping your legs looking proportional to each other as well as long and lean which is a popular trend nowadays. Flared pants follow the line of your leg without going from your waistline down. 

Instead, it will extend from your hips and follow your legs all the way down to the floor. These are a great choice if you enjoy wearing flats or sandals because then people won’t be able to see the bottoms of your feet since it is over an inch thick.


Flare Yoga Pants Are Better Than Regular Yoga Pants

Flare yoga pants are new to the fashion world. These types of pants have been around for a while but haven’t gained much popularity until recently. They look similar to regular yoga pants but instead of coming all the way down to the feet, they flare out about an inch above the ankle. This makes them more comfortable because you can actually move around in them. You don’t have to worry about your pants getting caught on something or being too tight when you are bending over.

The Difference Between Flare Yoga Pants and Regular Yoga Pants

If you were concerned that these flare yoga pants wouldn’t be as good as traditional yoga pants then this section is for you! Traditional yoga pants will keep you locked into one spot which means that they aren’t very flexible. If you are the type of person who likes to be active, then flare yoga pants are what you need. You can do all sorts of activities in these types of pants as opposed to regular yoga pants that will limit your movement.


Flare Yoga Pants Are In Season

Even though there is a difference between a flare and traditional yoga pants, they still have similar benefits that make them great for those who like fashion or those who want to be comfortable. Because this style has become so popular recently, many companies produce them now. Lululemon is one such company which means that you don’t have to worry about spending a lot on them either! The good news is that they aren’t very expensive since more people are starting to wear them and they aren’t hard to find either.

Professional experience

While my mom likes to play tennis in hers, I personally prefer wearing mine when I am lounging around the house because it really feels great on my skin compared to my old baggy sweatpants which used to give me hella bunch marks on my thighs especially when I would sit down.

I also find myself wearing them a lot when I go out to do errands, they are just so much easier and nicer looking than jeans or regular pants. You can wear them with a nice tee-shirt, a crop top, or even a graphic print tank depending on the occasion at hand. The best part is that you can leave your house in yoga pants without feeling too exposed because of how many layers you have on plus you never know, maybe Nike will start selling wide calf yoga pants soon.


I was reading one time that girls are judged by their appearance more often than not these days. If you judge Girls Generation by their appearance, you probably would be thinking “Oh my gosh look at them! They are flawless!” but if you listen to their lyrics and read interviews by the girls, it is very obvious that they are actually like normal human beings with flaws like everyone else.

The fact that they wear yoga pants around the house really does not mean anything. They don’t do that to appeal to men or please anyone other than themselves. It should be considered one of the many liberties women have today to wear what they want without having to worry about people judging them all day long. 

When I see someone wearing something on the street I always think “Well good for them doing whatever makes them feel happy” because sometimes clothing can really make someone’s day. I bet if you wear yoga pants every single day, you would notice good changes in your mood over time because there is nothing better than being at ease with yourself.

This leads me to my next point about how yoga pants are becoming more and more acceptable by the day to wear outside of the home because people are realizing that they are just normal clothes everyone wears nowadays even though they were once seen as workout attire. Yoga pants have not replaced jeans or anything else yet but it will happen eventually since society is progressing towards a much healthier lifestyle where no one has to be afraid of wearing whatever makes them feel best.

When I get up in the morning, I make myself a coffee and sit down on my computer chair to check my social media for the day. When I do this, it is so comfortable in my yoga pants and I don’t have to worry about how embarrassing it would be if someone walked in on me. It is nice to know you can be yourself all the time no matter what anyone else has to say because at the end of the day you will realize that not many people really care unless they are overly judgmental or simply want something from you.


Final thought

In closing, yes wearing yoga pants is definitely in style right now especially when you get them from a store like Lululemon who never seems to go out of style. Women’s fashions change every few months but yoga pants seem to stay fresh forever, they will never fade into obscurity and go out of style because they are so versatile. They can be worn with pretty much any kind of shoe for any occasion whether it’s dressy or casual.

Yoga pants will continue to grow as a staple in women’s fashion as time passes and I am very excited to see where the future takes them plus it makes me feel damn good knowing I have a nice butt now compared to before when I was wearing baggy sweatpants all the time! LOL thank you yoga pants.