PrAna Leggings Review: A Buyer’s Guide 2021

A good pair of yoga pants can keep you cool during steamy vinyasa flow sessions while also seeming somewhat more professional than your beloved sweats.

They should be breathable and comfortable enough that you can quickly shift from yoga to running errands.

PrAna leggings include four pockets, each of which is disguised by a criss-cross design. The pockets are big enough to carry your phone, wallet, keys, or whatever else you need. 

They’re slim enough to go undetected when they’re empty.

These tights look fantastic with an athletic tank in the gym or on the crag, but they’re also wonderful with big T-shirts and Netflix. They come in five contemporary colors: black, coal, Atlantic, liqueur, and canopy, and they have a 50 percent UV Protection Factor.

These tights are comparable to other high-end tights at $89 a pair. I’ve been wearing these for a few months now, and they’ve stood up to my knee-scumming, scooching testing methods. There are no split pants as of yet. 

REI workers put these yoga pants to the test. They include mobility and quick-drying characteristics for more energetic hobbies like yoga and hiking, but they’re also perfect for lounging. Even better, a number of them are made to accommodate a variety of body types and sizes.


Most Important Features You Should Know Before Buying Prana Climbing Pants

The fact that they are water-repellent is one of their greatest characteristics. It won’t keep you dry in a hard downpour, but it’ll keep you dry in moderate rain. They’re also constructed of a quick-drying material, so if they do get wet, it won’t be a big deal.

To make things even better, Prana rock climbing trousers have a UPF50+ certification that provides extra protection from the elements.

Materials Types

The material determines how well your Prana climbing pants function. It determines how breathable, durable, flexible, and comfy the garment is. 

Look for spandex in your pants if you want to be more flexible. The nylon would be unable to expand without it, making climbing extremely difficult.

What is the purpose and how do you use it?

Consider the type of climbing you’ll be undertaking. For intense sport climbs or bouldering routes, you’ll need something with a lot of flexibility.

If alpine climbing is more your style, though, you should go for Prana’s warm leggings. Stretchy pants are unlikely to be required to finish your ascent. 


Pants that pinch or squeeze should be avoided, yet comfort might mean various things to different individuals. Some people like high waists, while others don’t. Do you want your waist and legs to be completely covered? Whether possible, try on several pairs to determine if they are comfortable. Pay special attention to waistbands that are excessively tight, sagging crotches, and itchy seams.



You may or may not sweat a lot depending on the style of yoga you do. If you sweat a lot, materials that “breathe,” or transfer perspiration away from your skin and enable it to dissipate, are crucial to consider. When feasible, use a polyester-spandex combination over cotton. 


Your yoga pants should be able to fit around your natural waist and closely follow your curves. The length is a personal preference. High-waisted leggings or pants are an excellent choice if you’re doing power vinyasa or anticipate bending and stretch a lot. They give covering while you’re twisting, folding, or inverted postures. For slower yoga courses, such as restorative yoga, loose-fitting pants are a good choice. 

Best Prana’s Pants And Leggings Of 2021

Prana Women’s Halle Pants


Although the Prana Halle pant has flared legs, it also fastens so the bottom doesn’t become scuffed.

The pants were extremely adaptable and could be worn almost anyplace. The Prana Halle pants have a zip pocket on the leg that may be used to store your phone. The snug thigh area is a disadvantage that not all climbers prefer. 


  • The waist is secured with a button and a tie.
  • Very adaptable
  • At the bottom, it’s flared


  • It’s a bit stuffy.
  • Pockets that are little 

Prana Men’s Stretch Zion


On the left leg of the Prana rock climbing trousers is a double-zipped security pocket. This innovation allows you to access the cargo pocket from both the top and side.

The Prana pants include a built-in belt to provide a good fit around the waist. By pulling the tab or releasing the buckle, you can simply adjust it. 


  • Integrated belt
  • Crotch gusset with ventilation
  • It’s made to be rolled up.


  • Pocket depth is limited. 

Prana Women’s Meme Pants


The Meme pants have a little more space around the thighs but are still rather tight. You didn’t have to roll them when climbing because they were high around the ankles.

They have a lot more stretch than the Prana Halle pants. You have more flexibility when climbing or trekking as a result of this. They had cargo pockets, unlike other of the Prana’s female trousers, and could carry your belongings. The drawback was that the front pockets were small, leaving little place for your stuff. 


  • It’s a good match
  • Side pockets that are secure
  • Ideal for thighs with a wider circumference.


  • Traditional small wallets
  • Footholes of varying sizes 

Prana Brion Men’s Pant Inseam Pants


Straight-leg trousers with enough stretch to get your legs in places they shouldn’t be. Because of the high-rise legs, you won’t have to roll up your pants when climbing. The cloth readily repels dirt, making it ideal for lengthy camping trips.

The Prana rock climbing trousers also include five mesh pockets that prevent water from getting into them. The disadvantage is that the pockets are rather tiny and do not have any security features. If you’re climbing with valuables, keep an eye on them so they don’t fall out. 


  • Pockets made with mesh
  • Legs are cut straight.
  • a close fit


  • Pockets that are little
  • There isn’t a breathable gusset. 

Other Best Yoga Pants

prAna Transform High-Waist Leggings


When you constantly discover your favorite trousers at the top of your laundry pile, you know they’ve become a favorite. The prAna Transform High-Waist Leggings are tough enough to wear and practice every day. The little seams that run the length of the legs are a nice touch.

The high-waisted shape and compression jersey material give excellent coverage and a snug fit that isn’t overly confining. The Transform high-waist leggings are also a good choice for chilly weather because of these qualities.

Jessica Weidenbach, REI Women’s Fitness Buyer, loves them as a base layer and suggests pairing them with a yoga top or a warm sweater. They also don’t overstretch or bunch up at the knees, which is one of our pet peeves. 

prAna Electa Leggings


With sizes ranging from XS to 3X, the velvety smooth prAna Electa leggings are suitable for yogis of all shapes and sizes. The fabric, which is made from a recycled nylon blend, is smooth and light without being slippery. 

Ashley Vonasek, a side operations expert at, said, “I love the way the waistband rests (without slipping) on my hips and the pants go whichever direction I move.” In addition, the material’s UPF 50+ sun protection certification makes it ideal for outdoor yoga practices.

The spacious side pockets make it simple to store your phone, keys, or credit cards. 

prAna Becksa 7/8 Leggings


When the temperature rises, you’ll need pants that keep you cool. The prAna Becksa leggings’ poly-Spandex fabric is one of the most effective at wicking sweat we carry at the co-op. They also remain put thanks to the high waist and tight waistband. There will be no sagging or frequent readjusting. One buyer said, “Super flattering design and incredibly comfy.”

Have we mentioned how much we like pockets? Flandreau swears by the Becksa’s useful compartments. You may also wear them with the Becksa bralette, which is available in a variety of colors. They also have a UPF rating of 50. “I adore these leggings in every way! Another customer commented, “They feel very light on your body and have a high waistline.” 

None Prana Pillar Printed Legging


Prana utilizes 100 percent organic cotton, recycled wool, and polyester, and is responsible down for its pants, which Boulder-based yoga teacher Alison Litchfield adores for their sustainability and style. 

“Over the years, I’ve gone through a lot of phases with yoga pants, and what I’m looking for now is a combination of comfort, breathability, sustainability, and beauty,” she adds. “My current favorite style is this one since it is comfortable on my skin, vibrant and colorful, and created from recycled garments. Plus, these trousers go with nearly all of my tops.” 

One basic but crucial question will be asked and answered in this prAna leggings review:

Is this the finest pair of leggings for a female hiker on a cool-weather trail?

These prAna Pillar 7/8 leggings were purchased by Hiking For Her and worn on many short (round trip single digits) treks in windy and rainy conditions.

Hiking For Her will get a tiny part of your purchase price if you purchase these leggings from the links on our page, but you will not pay any extra.

As always, the reviews on this page are designed to help you stock your gear locker with the finest of the best so you can take on any trail with confidence and ease. 


These well-made leggings should be on your list of cool spring and fall trekking apparel.

More coverage than capris, but not as much as full-length pants: a good compromise that works with hiking socks. Comfortable, opaque, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying: these are all qualities that hikers enjoy.

And if you’re a short-statured hiker, acquire them while you still can. I’m 5’3″ and they provided just enough ankle covering to make me happy while hiking and doing yoga.